A Charter to End Extreme Hunger

The latest campaign from Save The Children is the #66Cities campaign to show the strength of public support around ending the crisis in East Africa.
So far over 4,000 people have signed the petition for this campaign 'Hunger Charter' and 500 MPs have been contacted as part of the campaign. 


Up to 750,000 people face death from hunger in East Africa. There are millions more at risk across the region in the worst food crisis of this century. There are hundreds of children who have to bear with a legacy of poverty and suffering. Urgent action is needed right now.
This is a crisis that is preventable, we know the steps that must be taken to prevent this suffering from continuing. Hundreds of people are dying of hunger each week and it is not acceptable any more.

We all have a responsibility to prevent this from ever happening again.

Global food prices have been rising for more than four years, reaching a new record high in 2011. This is the reason that billions of people are at risk of hunger. The G20 must take decisive action to minimise the impact of high and volatile food prices on children.

Here you can find documents about this rise in prices
A child is dying every 6 minutes due to starvation 

We want the UK government to sign up to the Charter to End Extreme Hunger

1. Fix the flaws of the international emergency system

we could see that this as happening and it went un helped, it has now developed to the point we are starting to lose control. Like lots of previous events. The delay in waiting for a disaster to unfold before acting costs both lives and money.
2. Supporting local food production

Decades of under-investment in small scale food producers and ineffective management of natural resources, have contributed significantly to the crisis in East Africa, with livestock farmers particularly hard hit. Save The Children commit to fulfil urgently and rapidly the pledges we made to the l’Aquila Food Security Initiative (AFSI)
3. Services and protection for the poorest

Millions of people around the world are living on the edge of survival, always close to disaster. Save The Children can help those people move back from the brink with two changes: social safety nets, and fairer investment.
4. Food everyone can afford

Spiralling food prices have contributed to tipping some areas of East Africa towards disaster. We cannot stop acute food crises unless everyone can access food at a price they can afford. Save The Children commit to trying to get emergency food to the areas affect.

5. Reducing armed violence and conflict

It is impossible to end mass death by starvation without reducing the violence that is one of its principal causes. Save The Children commit to press for, and support, practical measures to protect people affected by conflict.
See the East Africa appeal here