New Year Healthy Eating Tips for a Bikini Bod

The New Year is upon us and what does that mean? Resolutions, of course! So many of us make resolutions every year, a few of us stick to them and fewer still give up after a day or two. Whether it’s to give up smoking, to cut back on the drinking, to save a little money – they’re all great resolutions, in theory, but unfortunately, our willpower just doesn’t cut it sometimes! 

Losing weight and eating healthy is a popular resolution for many people to make, so that they can feel better in themselves as well as being able to show off their toned curves! Bikinis are often admired in stores all over the country but a lot of us wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them. Many of us yearn for the typical ‘bikini bod’ and, by eating a little healthier, we could easily shed a few pounds and feel better about ourselves enough to invest in one of the gorgeous bikinis from George or on the high street. 

Eating healthily can be a lot easier said than done though, especially if you don’t have the first clue about how to do it. Many of us lead busy, working lives and may think that because we have limited free time, preparing healthy meals will be impossible. There are some great ways in which to be healthier without needing to spend hours in the kitchen though; here are a few tips to get you started. 

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables 

This may seem like an obvious one, but so many of us don’t eat fruit and vegetables – either because we don’t like them, or we don’t consciously think to eat them. It’s recommended that you eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day – it’s up to you whether you incorporate them into your meals or you keep a fruit bowl or goodies available for you to pick at when you’re peckish. 

Don’t forget that fruit juices (the freshly squeezed, unsweetened kind) and smoothies count, too! 

Drink plenty of water 

Drinking water is essential and can help you to stay hydrated, while it will also help you to look after yourself. You should drink around 8 200ml glasses of fluid a day, and all fluids count – milk, water and fruit juices being the best. 
Try to avoid sugary drinks like soft and fizzy drinks because they can be high in calories – you’ll notice a weight loss almost immediately if you cut back on the fizz. 

Eat three square meals 

You may think that you can shed a few pounds by cutting back on how many meals you eat, but that’s not the case. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is essential so that you can gain the energy you need to keep going. Porridge is a great option, with fresh fruit or honey, while granola or muesli are also recommended. 

Cut back on Carbs 

While a healthy diet should include some carbs, some people have found that by reducing their intake of bread and pasta (wholemeal and wholewheat is better if you don’t want to cut them out altogether), they have seen a positive change in the weight loss area. Look up the Atkins Diet for more info on a low carb eating plan.

Being sensible with what you eat, reducing processed foods and takeaways, as well as preparing fresh, healthy meals will mean that you can be back in your bikini in time for summer!

*This post is brought you in collaboration with George