Evolution of Motherhood

Looking through pictures of my parents childhood compared to my childhood, or even between mine and my youngest brother's it's safe to say even in the 17 year gap things have changed hugely.

Scans have evolved and developed, everything becoming more clear... But the first 3D scan was 1987!  Pushchairs seem to be getting smaller, toys have become more plastic. The first formula invented back in 1867 and successful IVF in 1978. It seems strange that some of the biggest events linked to parenthood happened much earlier than I expected.

Following on from World Breast Feeding Week (1 – 7 August 2014) Benenden Health have put together an infographic on the evolution of motherhood and like I said before I am stunned by some of the dates.

The evolution of parenthood timeline
Parenthood timeline Infographic by benenden health

Though looking at the bottom of the info graphic even after the 2010 law change which I have had the pleasure of studying through my college years. I am shocked only 57% of women feel comfortable doing something as natural as breast feeding in public. I really hope that this statistic can change over the next few years, people need to be more accepting.

*This post is brought you in collaboration with Benenden Health.