Running away to the Circus

Back to an old classic, 
As a child you would always say you were going to run away,
Particularly to the circus if you weren't happy with something,

A lot of children have never been to the circus in their lifetime.
I haven't been since I was a child myself.
So when I heard it was back in town...
Yes! I drag my best friend - to the circus! 

Can I just say that we were both excited,
Getting there early to get a good seat,
Sat watching the tent fill up, 
Fascinating, wonderful, beautiful! 
Act after Act of pure talent. 
Oh how I felt jealous! 

With the brilliant Bippo the clown, 
Keeping children and adults laughing,
And anyone that knows me know I am not a fan of clowns generally.
But I think I'll let Bippo pass. 

John Lawsons Circus, are currently on their 2015 tour.
And I hugely recommend checking it out, 
With your mates... With the children... It doesn't matter just GO!

Check them out on facebook or Twitter to keep up to date.

So what are you waiting for???
Can I run away to the circus please!