Electric Run at Wembley

I have been waiting for this evening for ages,
After forking out quite a pricey sum,
I thought this event would be awesome.
'a nocturnal 5k adventure you'll never forget!'

Although it looked and sounded amazing upon arrival,
Soon become obvious that they were running behind schedule,
Not helpful for those needing trains to travel home after.
It was getting cold too, so waiting around wasn't nice!
The wait was soon over and we entered the start chute,
The noise blared out, The excitement in the crowd,
The countdown began... And away we went.
Once the crowd began to split up,
You could soon find the pace you were happy with.
There was quite big chunks between the first few lands,
Which was a slight disappointment.

Obviously people stopped to take pictures, enjoy the lands.
This is definitely not the race for running / getting PB's.
Oh how frustrating keep having people stop in front of you.
Watching people glowing and listening to the tunes,
Kept spirits high! Well done KissFM.
As the rain began to fall as we reached the end,
The sigh of relief passing the finish line.
Hugely disappointed it was only 3.75k even though advertised as 5.
Considering the amount of money spent.

A quick snap and off we went,
For our journey home.

I would not do it again myself.