Race For Life with KiQplan

The race for life is always a big deal, its the one time you can guarantee women will actually get up and out there running (or at least attempt to) and this year is no different! I am seeing more ladies than ever I know sign up and join in - how brilliant you all are! 

I was offered the chance to use the Kiqplan Race for Life app in order to prepare me for the 5k.

So a bit of background, Kiqplan is a app on Apple that tailors to your needs and gets you up and running in 12 weeks. Kiqplan will snyc to an activity tracker such as a Fitbug product, Fitbit products, Nike+, Apple activity trackers, Jawbone and more. The full list can be seen here. and you can input sleep and food intake too. The app will give you weekly tips, workout videos and progress reports as well as easy-to-make recipes and set new targets to keep you going.

Here is what the app looks like - 

All that and a fraction of the cost of a Personal Trainer, the App costs just £4.99 with 20% being donated to Cancer Research UK! How amazing is that!

Now I don't go anywhere without my fitbug orb on me anymore and then I have my trusty Garmin for running big runs. It has been amazing watching how much I travel around each day. Now I must admit I have been a bit pre-occupied so following the training plan sometimes doesn't go how it should and updates have been lagging BUT I have been using the tips and tricks Kiqplan give to ensure I keep in the best possible health at the moment.

Go grab some friends there is still time to get moving and sign up to some of the Race for Life events. 
Will see some of you hopefully in Maidstone on July 12th!

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{as I can't always get blogging up on time}

*Written in association with Kiqplan