Visit to Rare Breeds Centre Kent

So recently along with friends we had a trip out to The Rare Breeds Centre in Kent
It is barely 20 minutes away from us and makes for a lovely day with little ones. 
Considering the recent weather, we were taking full advantage of this sun that had come out. 

Upon arrival it wasn't too busy, first heading round the 'outdoor' animals such as the cows, hawks, chickens, ponys, owls and goats and into the butterfly house.
 It is always beautiful in there with the butterflies, even if it does get a bit hot after a while.

Then disappearing into the 'interactive' area, where you can cuddle rabbits and sheep, play with piglets and quack with ducks. It can usually get quite busy so you don't get a lot of time if you get the chance to get near the animals but actually it wasn't bad. We had lots of opportunities to stroke the rabbits and someone could have quite easily stolen one to take home ;)After lots of playing in the parks, we luckily caught the pig race. Having a laugh at the pigs and well children running like crazy. We called it a day and headed home.I would totally recommend having a visit if you are ever in the Kent countryside area