Sway PR Summer Bash

So I have been meaning to blog about this for a while and wasn't quite sure where to start.
The end of August I had the opportunity to travel to London for Sway PR's End of Summer Party.
This was the first time attend an event knowing actually no-one and having no-one travelling with me, 
To say I was scared was an understatement.

There is a weird thing about blogging events, 
You see all these lives shared online, chat about some of the most intimate things 
and yet when face to face you are clueless and feel out of your depth.
Back to the event itself it was an chance to meet some amazing brands, 
Some I already knew of and others a exciting change.
Sadly the weather was against me travelling up there but the venue Theatre Royal, Drury Lane was beautiful.
Keeping to myself I went off to explore by myself,

Met the lovely people behind such brands as:

Mia Tui who anyone that knows me will know I adore - with currently 4 bags (including one of the originals) a phone case and a children's rucksack to my name already.  It is safe to saying I'm eyeing up at least one more bag for a gym bag, and the purse before they disappear.

Multimac now this amazing device allows you to make 3 seats into 4. It accommodates children from 0-12 years old, and can fit in most cars! Now you don't have to rush out to buy a new car.

Love Boo, although I didn't really explore these properly they did smell lush, and have always heard such brilliant things about them.

Bohn Swimwear made me rethink my current situation when going to the pool, and definitely something to look into if you are a bit self concious going swimming.

Dinky Dragon have come up with an innovative baby carrier. They are so clever and adorable prints. With the i-angel hipseat it makes for a more comfortable weight distribution, meaning less back ache and more cuddles from a baby to toddler age.

Wishagift is great idea getting started, the chance to never get a bad present again. Make your own wishlists like some sites offer already, but you can collect from all over the web and share to your friends and family. 

thoroughly enjoyed getting to chat to all these brilliant brands, 
Munching away on little treats, who doesn't love a cupcake or two.
Hopefully I will get a chance to share more of their work in time on the blog.
You are never bothered by travelling home in the rain when you are carrying a lovely goodie bag!