Ideal Home Show at Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... 

I apologise I have probably just made you start singing, or humming away in your head. I know I am.
Now the end of last month I was insanely lucky to go with my friend in tow to the Ideal Home Show at CHRISTMAS. It was truly beautiful! Walking into a winter wonderland of Christmas trees and snow. Plenty of stalls to go check out.

Firstly making our way to the free photo booth with Go Compare the shows sponsors.

Then heading upstairs, to hunt out food, alcohol and sweet treats. Oh and the goodie bag, gotta love a goodie bag. The smell upstairs was lush, so much yummy food to choose from. Samples of delicious treats and the odd cider cup. How awesome are those objects made purely of chocolate and the size of those fruity meringues.

As well as yummy treats, there was the chance to see some celebrities. We were lucky enough to catch Katie Piper's book signing and hear the amazing Wynne Evans sing some Christmas classics  (his voice is actually amazing). 

Of course there was so much more left to explore, so many stands looking at all aspects of Christmas from gifts to decorations. Found some amazing room sets, how gorgeous is this Christmassy blue and white set. I am loving the lighting. As well as the more natural themed decorations that seem to be making a come back this year, lots of woods and reds. Wish I had more money with me on the day.

If you ever get the opportunity to go, DO! (or even go visit the Spring Ideal Home Show)

I know I loved the day out and pretty sure my friend did too. You will leave with a smile on your face and so much inspiration, perfect to kick off the Christmas season.

*I received two tickets for free in return for this review, this does not change my views/opinions.