Street Art in Kent

People know I love the weird and wonderful world of art, and after a recent visit to Margate Kent. I found something that caught my eye, now street art is still quite a controversial topic as some will still see it as graffiti. Don't get me wrong I often see graffiti which is just kids having a laugh and 'tagging' areas with pretty pointless things. 

When I came across these though there was something that made stop and smile and studying every single one. Even had the chance to stop and watch the men at work creating something they thought was wonderful. They are not thugs or kids defacing a surface, they are not causing problems and right rude things - they are talented, taking their time to create something wonderful for people to enjoy. Pinpointing parts of the British Culture we all know and love. 

So maybe sometimes we need to stop and admire the work of others. I know I will.