Visiting London Zoo (pt.1)

Now this post is going to be split into two, because not only do I want to show you all the amazing things in ZSL London Zoo but I also want to focus on the new Land of the Lions section too. I think it is important to remember if you plan to visit London Zoo then do arrive early because it doesn't take long for queues to build up quickly - especially on nice days.

The layout of the zoo is simple, easy to go from section to section - lots of walk-throughs a chance to get up close to nature. I loved the Tigers, Gorilla's and monkeys ones. Ever where you go there is lots of information on the animals and stories about successful conversation activity. Even some interactive patches to get kids involved too.

Having recently done our local zoo, it was nice to see London had a touch of Africa we could go visit. Although it was no where as big and the animals didn't have a lot of space which is a little disappointing but what can you expect from being in the middle of London. You can see the animals are well looked after and seemed happy. Pretty sure I have began developing a new obsession with giraffes.

I also love that London Zoo have penguins,  astunning colony of Humboldt penguins (and one special rockhopper). I love penguins - always have there is just something about them. I have notice that you can watch the penguins live on a webcam they have installed. 

A nice little touch is with each section there was a themed gift shop (although I can imagine those with children might not as impressed haha) - obviously with a big one at the exit with a bit of everything. Around the park there are rides for the kids to go on, plenty of cafes and little shacks to buy food and drink. There are lots of benches and picnic tables to have a rest and eat. 

ZSL runs conservation programmes in Britain and over 50 countries worldwide; the conservation of wild animals and their natural habitats is fundamental to our mission. We work with local communities to conserve their environment and promote sustainability.

If travelling by train you can get 2 for 1 entry at London Zoo thanks to DaysOutGuide. 
The nearest tube is Regents Park then just walk straight through the park to the Zoo it really couldn't be any easier than that.