5 scare-some Halloween Crafts

It's hard sometimes to come up with ideas for Halloween that have not been done over and over. Plus we like being able to do crafts that don't require going out and buying a load of new supplies. Here are five halloween activities from different bloggers to have a go at this year, if you can think of any others you think should be on our list let us know in the comments.

Firstly these amazing and quick finger puppets from One Little Project are so very cute.
They can be adapted easily and there is no end of amazing creations that little ones can come up with.

Now this is one that is perfect for using the spare bits and bots of craft supplies that are left over.
Even old sweet wrappers and scrap paper, these Silly Pumpkins from Toddler Approved.
Perfect craft for decorating the room ahead of Halloween.

This craft may need a little more adult assistance than the others depending on the child, but these brilliant Halloween Paper Lanterns from The Crafting Chicks.
As the others these can be made with most things found around the home.

Here is one for developing children's fine motor skills.
There is no 'perfect' way of doing this craft, and these funky Spider Webs from Buggy and Buddy would look great on display this Halloween.

Finally children's hand are insanely cute, love seeing how little they are and having memories of them being that size. These Hand-print Spiders from Thriving Home is another quick 10 minute craft for a wet afternoon.