Here's What You Should Do with Your Old Kids' Stuff

By pear285
It's amazing how quickly you can build up piles of stuff when you have kids. They might not need a lot, to begin with, but you soon have a lot of different items. You end up with more clothes than you've ever had for yourself, plus lots of toys and other things. As your child gets older, many of these things are no longer useful to you. If you're planning on more children, you might be able to use them again. However, not everyone will want to keep everything. When you sort through the things you have, you have several options for what to do with them.

Offer It to Friends and Family

The first thing many parents do when they have a lot of kids' stuff is to see if anyone they know wants it. You're likely to have friends and family members who are parents or about to have their first child. An easy way to get rid of anything you no longer need is to offer it to these people. You might be helping out a new parent or just saving someone some money. Try using Facebook to ask if anyone needs anything, and perhaps even create a page for people to follow. It can help you reach more of your friends and family.

Put It into Storage

You might want to keep some of your items for later. Maybe you want to save things for a sentimental reason, or you're planning on more kids. You could also be saving them for someone else. Putting your things into storage can be a sensible option if you want them out of the way. If you don't have space in a loft, basement or garage, a storage space can work. If you use a service like Boxman Storage, they can even come and collect your things for you. It's much less work if you don't have to drive to a storage facility.

By Efraimstochter
Sell Spare Items

If you want to make a little money, selling your stuff is another option. There are always parents who want to snap up bargains for their kids. Secondhand clothes, toys and kids' accessories in good condition are excellent for saving money. You can start by selling to friends and family or find places to sell online. Try looking for local Facebook groups or use sites like eBay or Preloved. You could also sell at car boot sales or jumble sales if you can find any in your area.

Donate to Charity

Another thing you can do with kids' stuff you no longer need is giving it to charity. You can take a donation to any charity shop that sells clothes. Or you could look for charities that specifically help parents and might provide them with items for free. You should be able to find places near to you that will accept donations. Make sure your items are in good condition before you donate them, though.

Don't let old kids' stuff clutter up your home. If you don't need them anymore, find someone who could benefit from your things.