Still Live With Your Parents? Make Your Bedroom A Mini-Flat With This Top Advice

With the property market being the way it is, a lot of young people aren’t moving out until their late 20’s. After all, you need a huge deposit to buy a property which a lot of us just don’t have. And renting means we can never save any cash towards our first home. But living with your parents in your 20’s can leave you feeling suffocated. After all, it’s hard to be independent when you only have your bedroom which is your own space! However, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Here is some advice you need to make your bedroom a mini-flat when you still live with your parents.

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Add a fridge in the room

It can often be a drag to share the fridge with the rest of your family. Especially if you have brothers or sisters who steal your favourite food. Therefore, make your bedroom feel like your own home by adding a mini fridge in there. That way, you can have all your essentials in your bedroom. It will also be handy when you have guests over. You can get them a drink without having to keep popping downstairs. Additionally, add a kettle in your room so that you can make your morning cuppa without being disturbed!

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Add a cozy chair and television

When you live at home with your parents, it can be hard to choose a programme you all want to watch together. After all, they might not love Made in Chelsea or Towie! Therefore, you should get a TV for your room, so that you can watch your own shows in peace and quiet. It will also come in useful when you have friends or your boyfriend over and want to watch the television alone. After all, it will be uncomfortable if you sit down with your parents. You can even make your bedroom feel like a living room by adding a sofa or chair in there. Extra furniture in the room will help it to feel more like a mini apartment.

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Create a work area

If you have work that you need to do at home, you don’t want to work on your bed. For one thing, you will end up with a bad back if you work on your bed. And secondly, you might get distracted. But at the same time, you don’t want to head downstairs to the kitchen and get disturbed by the ‘rents. Therefore, you should make a work area in your bedroom. Get a solid desk with a chair that you can use to work on your laptop. Add a bookcase to make it feel like you are in your own study at your house!

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Separate the bed from the rest of the room

To help your bedroom feel like a mini-flat, you should make sure the bed is separate. You might want to get a curtain which can go around the bed when you are not using it. Or if the room is big enough, you could look into installing a stud wall which will separate the room. That way, you will have a place for sleeping, and then a separate living area to spend time with mates!

And if you are struggling living with your parents, here are some reasons you should enjoy the time you are there!