Books for Christmas

I have never been a fantastic reader, but the wonders of a magical world at your finger tips is just amazing for a child, with ever growing technology sometimes a book is just what we need. 

This Christmas I decided to give out some books as Christmas presents and with the help of Penguin Random House Children's Books I have another 3 to add to the collection. 

Firstly out the bag was The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall Asleep. Apparently these books actually make children fall asleep - amazing right! The book begins with instructions on how it should be read. It highlights where you will need to read phrases in a soothing voice, insert your child’s name or yawn. This would be perfect for my cousins who are not the best sleepers around - maybe my aunt could do with a helpful hand. The illustrations in this book are truly beautiful.
Next up is The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas by Tom Fletcher and Douglas Poynter. This and The Christmasaurus have been so talked about on social media, I actually wanted to get hold of a copy myself to see what all the fuss was about. I can see why people love it so much. It's a tough choice who I would give this too, there are many wonderful children I could think of - so I might leave it to one side for now til I can work out who needs some more stocking fillers. 
Finally there is Max and Bird by Ed Vere. Max and Bird is the third book in the Max series. It tells the story of Max, a kitten, who is meant to chase birds. And Bird, a bird, who gets chased by kittens. Max wants to be friends with Bird but he also wants to chase and eat Bird. Bird wants to be friends with Max but he doesn’t want to be eaten. He just wants to learn to fly. It is filled with colourful pictures and funny lines. I think this will be going to my friends little one who is the perfect age for this book and an absolute animal lover. 

Going back I loved Miffy Books, with one for every circumstance - I probably never got round to reading all of them, but I love how to this day Miffy is just as popular as it was when I was growing up - with beautiful simple imagery and I always wants a cute little white rabbit. 

So if you could pick any book to gift to anyone, what would you pick? 

*This post is in partnership with Penguin Random House Children’s Books. All thoughts and opinions are our own.