Crafting Your Way Through Life’s Biggest Milestones

From childhood to adulthood and on to old age, we experience a set amount of milestones that can make, break and shake us. Some are fun, some are scary, and some mold us. But as life go on, they come, and they go. Some we want to forget and other’s we can’t help but celebrate. It those last few that we all know, love and cherish the most.

Whether you’re a traditionalist when it comes to milestones, or you like to try something new, crafting can be a special way to commemorate the occasion. With births and marriages, birthdays and anniversaries, and even moving house, make memories with crafts.


Getting pregnant, adjusting to new life as a parent and watching little ones grow are all adventures in themselves. But buying gifts doesn’t have to be your only option. Whether you’re planning on throwing a baby shower, or contemplating a gift, turn to crafts.

Baby shower games can be so much fun when they’re low-key and straightforward. So much inspiration on what to do and what to make can be found online, especially on Pinterest. And when it comes to gifts, something handmade and personal might just send the perfect message.


Another biggie comes up during wedding season. Whether it’s your own you’re thinking about or attending a friend or family member’s; crafts can make a difference. A handmade or personalised card or gift will allow you to add the right amount of sentiment when celebrating a loved one’s special day.

Likewise, wedding stationery has the power, to sum up your day. Find an expert to help you and make an impression. Paper Themes wedding invitations are available in a full range of styles, all of which can be personalised. And what could be more memorable than personalisation?


You could say that we celebrate one particular milestones year upon year - because we do. But that doesn’t make Birthdays any less special. If you’ve got a BIG milestone coming up soon, or you’re celebrating a loved one's, get planing - craft style. Birthday cards, gifts, party favours, decorations and more can be made from scratch. Or you can even choose to support the crafting industry by buying something handmade and unique.


Not everyone likes to celebrate anniversaries, and that’s okay. But for those of you that do, they are the perfect occasion to get creative and use a range of crafts. With each new anniversary, a new tradition for gifting or marking the occasion arises. Whether it’s cotton or paper, tin or china, you can choose a handmade gift that celebrates the milestone better than anything materialistic could.

Moving House

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It might be something you do once or many times, but moving out of your parents home, buying your first house or building your family home is an occasion to commemorate. Whether it’s something you make to use in your home, a decoration or something you buy to remember the special moments of making it all happen; crafting can matter.