Add Kerb Appeal In Just One Day

Making your home more attractive to buyers is essential if you want a quick sale and to get your asking price. But selling a home can be tough, especially if your house isn’t in tip-top condition. Many people think that adding kerb appeal to a home means that you have to rip out all of the old fixtures and fittings and install brand new kitchens and bathrooms. But the truth is that most ways to boost the sellability of your home are far more mundane. Here’s how to add kerb appeal in just one day.

Dress The Front Door

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The front door of your home is the focal point of the whole house. It’s the area to which the eye of buyers is immediately drawn. The best way to make a statement is by giving your front door a blast of colour using bright paint. If your door is PVC, rip it out and replace it with a new, wooden door that better reflects the character of your home. Next, clean up the handle if it is marked or rusty and use metal polish on all the hinges on the door, as well as the handle and the knocker, if you have one.

Upgrade Your Railings

One of the home defects that property development solicitors often see are decaying porch and stoop railings. Railings, especially wooden railings, can quickly deteriorate if not looked after properly. Fences that look past their best will put buyers off and make the entire house look shabby. It’s a good idea, therefore, to look for quality wood or metal replacements and your local hardware store before selling your home. Just make sure that the style and colour are appropriate for your house and that the materials are compatible with the surrounding features.

Make The Driveway Beautiful

You don’t have to completely redo your driveway to add kerb appeal to your home. Instead, focus on cracks, stains and any vegetation that is growing up through gaps. Start off by using weedkiller to remove any unwanted weeds. Then, repair the cracks and stain the concrete to make the driveway appear as new. You can also widen the driveway if you have space by using additional pavers either side. This might be a good thing to do if you think that the new owners of your property will need space for more than one car.

Renew Exterior Paint

When it comes to first impressions, the trim details on your house are extremely important. It turns out that when you do things like add new paint, siding and trim details, you quickly transform your home into something that looks new, beautiful and inviting. Do a quick spot check for any visible signs of degradation, including any wood that has rotten, especially around the guttering. Remove any material that can’t be salvaged and then replace it with new, damp-resistant treated material. Next, get painting. Use a colour that matches your door.

Renew The Gutters

Old gutter systems are unattractive and a sign that your home has fallen into disrepair. Buyers want new gutters, especially those that stand out. Replace your old guttering with new, snap-fit vinyl systems.