Do These Things to Get the Luxury Loft Look in Your Home

The interior loft look is one that has changed over the years, while retaining certain elements. You could have a bohemian, hippy loft that looks like something from the sixties or a sleek, modern loft. You don't have to actually live in a loft apartment if you want to recreate a stylish loft look in your home. You can do it with a few clever tricks to fake your way into pretending you have a luxury loft. There's something about a loft that feels special - probably because they're so expensive to rent or own! You can fake a loft look by using the tips below.

Bare Floors

If you look at images of fancy lofts, you won't see many carpets around. Homes in the UK often tend to have carpets, particularly if they're rented. They can be practical, especially when it comes to keeping your home warm. However, they definitely don't lend themselves to the loft look. If you can, you should have bare floors, whether it's floorboards, tile, or even concrete. If you need some extra warmth and something to brighten things up, you can make use of rugs. Place them strategically to highlight different areas of your home.

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The Unfinished Look

Loft apartments often have something of a raggedy look about them. There are elements that in other properties might be hidden away or covered up somehow. For example, you might see exposed heating ducts and similar things. Perhaps there are some bare light bulbs that are allowed to hang without a lampshade or any other fixtures. One prominent feature in many lofts is exposed brickwork. It may not be possible to strip back to brickwork in your home. But you don't have to do that. Using brick slip cladding, you can fake the exposed brickwork with ease. It involves using tiles to create a brick look without having to use real bricks.

Mix Vintage and Modern

If you look at loft interior design, you'll often find a mix of vintage and modern furniture. You can pick one or the other, but mixing them up is a great idea too. Of course, you can buy new furniture inspired by bygone eras. There's plenty of it about if you don't want to go searching for secondhand furniture. You can explore lots of different periods to create an eclectic look. Using a mix of vintage modern furniture and accessories can help to create a warm atmosphere, instead of leaving it looking a bit cold, which can happen if you make it too modern.

Let in the Light

Lots of light is essential for a loft look. Natural light is best, as loft apartments often have huge windows. However, it's not always possible to get a lot of natural light into your home. If it's a bit of a struggle, you can make up for it with lighting. Employ different types of lighting to get more light into your home. As well as practical lights like LED spotlights, you can use fun light features, like neon lights.

You don't need to live in a loft to get the look. A bit of imagination allows you to pretend you have a fancy loft apartment.