Get a Luxurious and Refined Home for Cheap - Read This!

A luxurious and refined home can be achieved by making some inexpensive changes to your current home. Here are a few hot tips!

You need to be careful with art in your home. Some pieces will make the room feel suffocating if they don’t gel very well with the color scheme of the room. In general, however, a nice, big art piece will help give your home a modern kick. It makes it look more refined and expensive, even though it’s clearly something you bought and added afterwards! Your arty friends will love it, too. The key is to not go overboard - don’t cram one of your walls full of art pieces. That might start to make your home seem a bit tacky.

Get rid of your carpet
Okay, so there’s a little more to it than that. If you just rip your carpet out and leave the floor as it is, then your home isn’t going to look very luxurious at all. You could replace the carpet with something a bit softer, something that feels incredible under your feet. But what you should really do doing is getting new flooring altogether. Quality wood panelling helps your home feel much more modern. It’s also a lot more hygienic, by the way!

It disturbs me when I think of the amount of modern homes I’ve been in that didn’t have a bookcase filled with - well, books. Sure, I’ve seen bookcases in plenty of homes, but a lot of the time they’re filled with CDs or games or tacky decorative items. Fact: the presence of books in your home will make it seem so much more cultured and, thus, luxurious. Of course, if you just have piles of books all over the place, then you’re just going to look like a scrappy intellectual. Maybe you want to give off that vibe. But if you want to lean more towards luxury, then get some bookcases for those things.

More natural light
Nothing makes a place feel bigger and more elegant than increased natural light. Well, that and getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. But a bigger presence of natural light is essential for anyone who wants their home to feel more luxurious and modern.

Updating the furniture
You don’t want to replace your furniture - that’s way too expensive a proposition, right? But what if you could update your furniture without replacing it entirely? Replacing the upholstery is much more doable than you may assume. With wooden furniture, you could try sanding down the flaws and reglazing it. This will make it look much newer. Replace your curtains. Buy new bedsheets.

Make the TV less prominent
You might think that a 100” high-definition plasma television in the middle of the room will make everything seem so much more expensive and modern. To be honest, though, the TV shouldn’t be the centerpiece of any of your rooms. If it’s what sticks out first in any room, then it makes everything else seem less interesting or entertaining. Almost as though you need the TV to distract you from being in your own home! I’m not saying get rid of it - just keep its appearance low-key.