Renovating Your Home? Don't Ignore These Two Money-Saving Investments!

Image by PDP
Renovating a home can take a lot of effort and money to do. When you sit to plan the project out, you'll want to make every penny and every minute worth it. Fitting furniture into a theme. Picking the colours that you really want rather than the safe options recommended by Sunday supplements. It's worth all the research if you end up with the results you were aiming for.

Of course, when you make your plans, there are some areas where you may decide to cut spending. You'll spring for a gorgeous lampshade, but save on the light bulb. You'll pay for a sweet bathroom rug but save on the pedal bin. After all, these aren't the parts anyone is going to look at. But stop and think - in saving a few quid, are you going to spend more in the long run?

"It's Just A Light Fitting. Why Pay More?"

Your justification: As long as you have spectacular light shades, it's going to look classy.

The reality: Yes, a dramatic light shade can distract from a boring light fitting, and you'll save money on that part of the renovation. However, bear in mind that there are two options for light bulbs in a standard light fitting. You have standard bulbs, which last a short time, or energy saving bulbs, which shine brightly in December if you switch them on in August.

The alternative: If you go for a light fitting that can take LED Spotlights, you'll pay more for the initial fitting and bulb. But you'll have a light fitting you can adjust when you want, and bright bulbs that last pretty much forever. In the long run, it's a saving on bulbs and electricity.

"My Boiler Works Fine. Why Pay More?"

Your justification: If it ain't broke, why fix it?

The reality: Unless you have moved into a brand new home, the boiler you have inherited has probably been there for awhile. It may work perfectly well, heating your home more than adequately in winter and giving you hot water without waiting. So why would you want to pay more?

The truth of the matter is that gas boilers have come on in leaps and bounds even in the last few years. The large, noisy model that comes on with a thump and stops you sleeping has been surpassed. While this may be a boring place to spend money, you'll be glad you did. Maybe not instantly, but when you get your monthly or quarterly bill, you'll be astounded by the saving.

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The alternative: Older boilers frequently have little more than two settings: off and on. When a fault develops, you're often left with little choice but to call in an engineer - and pay a lot for the privilege. If you pick up a new boiler - for which you may be able to get funding - then you'll save on bills and repairs.

Not to mention that you can set it yourself to give water that is as hot as you need and no hotter. No more scalding yourself while washing the dishes!