Star Gazing with Forestry Commission

There has been some amazingly clear nights lately and I often find myself staring out the window noticing all the stars. I am that saddo that has an app for telling me which planets are visible, after being being annoyed I couldn't work out what the bright dot was near the moon (turned out to be Venus, just to let you know). If I stand outside my front door I can see Orion's Belt too! See I'm slowly learning the stars, I would love to go proper star gazing.

The Forestry Commission has come out with their very own Star Gazing pack to get you out and about looking at the night skies. Full of facts, handy tips, activities and best places to go - and you can get your own Star Gazing Beginners Guide for FREE all you have to do is fill out the form and you will get your very own copy sent to your email. I have already grab mine, might even print it out.

Also within the Forests now, you can take part in the 'Why Stars Matter' trail where you can find out how stars affect people and the forest! and have fun along the way. Become your very own #ForestStar.

Very much looking forward to trying the trail out at Bedgebury and if like me and you are rubbish at taking pictures of the night sky - then why not check out a few top tips for stunning night sky photos and join in with the competition to be in with the chance to win £100 amazon voucher.*

I don't think I'll be winning any prizes for my attempts any time soon...

*Terms and conditions on the website, I am not associated with the competition itself.