Your Dream Job’s Waiting For You So Go Get It!

Flickr Image From: CollegeDegrees360
Some of us are lucky enough to know what we want to do from the minute we can talk while others struggle to decide on a career even after leaving uni. When it comes to work, everyone wants a job that challenges them, fills them with excitement and allows them to showcase their strengths while improving weaknesses and helping contribute to a team. So why is it so many of us are in jobs that we hate and how can we change things?

Write Down Your Goals

Grab a notebook and pen, or more likely your laptop and find somewhere where you won’t interrupted by anyone then start thinking about your life goals. Initially, this can be quite confusing, even overwhelming, as it feels like you’re being asked to plan the rest of your life but this isn’t true. If you’re finding it really hard, you could write down your goals for that month, i.e. go to the gym, catch up with friends, finish that report for work, etc. By then you’ll feel a bit more warmed up. Now try to think about your lifestyle. Do you like it? Do you wish you had more disposable income? Are you happy where you live? Would you like a better car? By identifying your ideal lifestyle you’ll be able to see if your current job’s compatible or if you need to make a fresh start.

Describe Your Dream Job

Remember when you were a kid and you filled out those ‘I want to be’ sheets well this is a bit like that only real. However, allow that childlike freedom, excitement and joy to inspire you as right now nothing’s off the table. Don’t think of the negatives like a lack of qualifications, an unrelated degree or distance stop you just brainstorm careers that interest you. For example, if you love children, are passionate about education and miss academia then it could be teaching. Visit Simply Education for more info and how they can help get you started. You’re just looking at ideas for now so don’t feel you need to make any concrete decisions but try to come up with a couple of other occupations that you’re interested in.

Do You Like Your Role Now?

Even if it’s a subtle thing that keeps you at work, if nurtured, that little seed of interest can grow into a creative tree elsewhere. Say that you hate marketing, but you love coming up with ideas for product launches, getting customer feedback and planning focus groups then a position in a creative team may be perfect.

Identify Strengths And Weaknesses

Despite the fact we pretend not to, we all have them, and it’s crucial you identify strengths and weaknesses now because you’ll be asked in an interview. For this to work you need to step back and analyse yourself like your employer would. Be honest with yourself, and consider areas such as development, experience, training, personal relations with others, your technical skills and attributes. If you aren’t happy with the answers, you may be in the wrong job which is fine because now you know you can do something about it.