Safety First: Taking Yourself Abroad

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Planning a mini break or holiday just for mum comes with a lot of excitement. To take the kids to a brand-new place and experience a different path of life, for even the briefest of times, is something that everyone looks forward to doing. But taking yourself away on holiday is something else. Time just to think, to be, to explore on your own without any distractions? Heaven. Utter heaven. Of course, you will miss the family but take the chance while you can to get a little of yourself back.

Before you even leave, there are a lot of things you can do for your home safety when you go on holiday. This can include having a neighbour or a friend you trust to watch the house for you, take your bins out and generally check on the post. You can also have someone come and feed any pets of yours, open windows and let air come through while you’re away to stop anything from smelling musty. But what about when you actually go on holiday?
When you visit somewhere new, it’s expected that for the most part a culture and a country will be different. It’s different when you go on holiday alone, versus taking the little ones. If you plan to go away on a solo holiday with companies like Just You, then you’ll have to be even more vigilant about your safety as you will be somewhere new but completely alone. Following these safety tips can make the difference on your holiday. It’s likely you will be able to enjoy your time away worry-free, but it’s far better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it?
  • Keeping the address for your holiday accommodation on you at all times is key. If you travel somewhere where English is the second language, have the address written in the native tongue as well on your phone..
  • Travel insurance is a given wherever you go. It’s not uncommon to get into bother when you’re hiking up a mountain! Going abroad is easy, staying whole and safe with other driving rules and during more adrenaline-fuelled sports is not!
  • When you travel alone, it’s always safer to stay in resort rather than off the beaten track, so map out places to visit well in advance and book tours if necessary.
  • Travelling is an adventure, but if you wear things that make you stand out as a tourist, you will be a target. Don’t paint that bullseye on your chest. Blend in as much as possible.
It’s always better to stay within tourist areas but if you want to wander a little, take a guided tour. When you take a holiday alone, you may feel empowered - but do it safely. It’s important to remember that the safer you stay, the more you can look forward to booking the next holiday you want to go on. You can get so much out of entirely new cultures, so keep it safe and exciting all round.