Design Features For A More Unique Garden

There are few things more relaxing and tranquil than spending time in a beautiful, well-kept garden. A garden that’s been lovingly manicured will soothe the mind, celebrate nature, and give you somewhere to sit back and unwind when the weather starts to cheer up. If your garden has seen better days, and you want to give it a more unique design, here are some great features to consider…

Image from Wikimedia
Terraced Flowerbeds
Every garden needs some colourful blossoms, and with spring nearly here, why not cultivate a more unique area for them? If you’ve got the space, then building some terraced flowerbeds could be a great idea. Mixing blooms with interestingly-shaped greenery will create a modern, off-beat effect.
Log-Bordered Flowerbeds
Concrete, stones, and horizontal wood beams are all common borders for flowerbeds, but vertical logs are a little more unexpected, and will delight the senses of anyone visiting. Go with a white or grey-coloured wood, make the borders fairly high, and you’ll create a much more eye-catching effect in contrast to the colourful flowers. Alternatively, you could hollow out one larger log, and use this as an intriguing planter.
Water Features
A lot of people love the idea of having a water feature in their garden, but think that installing and maintaining one is too much hassle to be ultimately worth it. However, these unique and beautiful design features can be remarkably easy to manage, and will attract much more wildlife into your garden. You probably won’t need to fiddle around with a water supply, as most garden water features are self-contained, and only need to be topped up now and then. After looking at some pond air pumps, plants and other affordable supplies, you’ll have all you need to create this gorgeous focal point.
Sculpted Shrubs
Like most of us, you’ve probably had a walk around the grounds of a castle or some formal gardens before, seen some sculpted hedges, and thought about how wonderful it would be to have something like that in your own garden. Though you may be a long way off from being able to make a giraffe or something like that, you can still sheer many shrubs into smooth spheres that will be very pleasing to the eye. After just a few minutes of work, you’ll be able to evoke the prim magic of an English formal garden on your own property!
Pretty Trellises
There are few things you can find in a garden that are more beautiful than vine-filled trellises arching over a snaking gravel path. This kind of focal point is typically pure green in colour, but no one’s stopping you from filling it up with flowers over the spring. You can make a trellis even more eye-catching by planting some well-planned shrubs and grasses around the edges. The various shades of green shaped in this unique way will add a truly unforgettable frill to your garden.
If you don’t want your garden to look like every other one in the neighbourhood, I hope these ideas have been a big help!