How You Can Help Your Child Get Into University

It is a daunting period, but your child needs to know that. They need to know how important it is and that to really get where they want to in life they’ll have to get into university. You can’t sit the exams for them, unfortunately. You need to talk to them, tell them how important it is. What you can do is tip the odds in their favour. Help them where you can. You may think there is nothing you can do, but there is and if you are careful you can really help out. Here are some tips. You may have already done some of them, but you could see others that are pertinent to. Good luck!

Try A Consultation

These days there are various firms who specialise in helping your child get into university. There are fees, of course. But they can sometimes give you the edge you need to succeed. These types of admission consulting can be the difference between success and failure. What you need to remember however is that it is only your child who dictates who gets in. It is of course possible to get into school without these consultations, but if you are unsure it gives you the edge and an insight that you previously would not have had. If you know others who have used these then ask them whether they were worth it or not. Do your research and it will all fall into place.

Hire Some Tutors

If your child suffers in a specific discipline then it could be time to hire a tutor. These are usually in maths, english or science, but you can get them in other disciplines too. You must make sure that you talk your child through why you are doing it. There may be some push back, because they will already be working all day in school so they may not want to work afterwards for an extra hour or so. Incentivise it, let them stay up later or give them a reward. It is a tough time, so make it as easy as possible for them. Try to hire a tutor they get on with, someone who can impart vital knowledge but also build up a good relationship with your child. It needs to be a fun process and not one that can further tax your child. They will cost money too, so make sure you have the available funds. Getting a tutor is a brilliant way of giving your child that extra push to pass.

Try Tough Love

It is needed sometimes. You may need to ground them to stop them going out with their friends. Or, you may need to take away something that is suckign away too much of their time, like a box set or more likely a games console. Consider limiting their activities. Stop them going to a certain club or weekly event. It sounds harsh but it can really make the difference and ensure they put the required time in to get the result they need.