John Lawson's Circus 2017 tour

John Lawson's Circus has done it again! A treat for all the family! 

With the return of an amazing team headed by Ringmaster Attila Endresz and classics such as a funny Bippo the Clown and the wonderfully talented Chelsea dancing high in the stars, as well as some new performances such as Duo Hatten's unicycle act. There is no denying these are all amazingly talented people. 

They will leave you laughing, crying and sitting on the edge of your seat - or standing out dancing and singing. It is not just for the kids!

John Lawson's Circus have kicked off their 2017 tour in Ashford and are now heading off to Ramsgate from 15th - 22nd March, it is a right family favourite and I definitely recommend checking it out. 

Why not check out the website to keep updated on where they are off to next.
You can also find them on facebook (@JohnLawsonsCircus) and twitter (@LawsonsCircus)