Crazy For Character? Inject It Into Your Decor Using This Simple Idea

When you’re a sucker for character, you can often obsess over injecting it into your home. But achieving a beautiful balance between quirky and cool is often quite hard. Whether you want to brighten up your home or add a bit of your personality into the design, it’s easy to do with a bit of character. By shopping smart, keeping on plan and making sure you use an expert eye, your home will be full of the right amount of character before you know it. All you need to do is keep your overall vision in mind at all times by following these five main points and your idea will finally come alive.

Stick To A Central Theme
One of the best ways to add a bit of character into the home is to stick to a certain theme. Otherwise, you might find that your decor looks a little odd. Whether you want to go country cottage or luxury lodge, it's important to keep your central theme in mind; especially when you’re doing things like choosing colours, buying accessories and designing furniture.

Pick A Focal Point
If you’re planning to add a characterful item into each room, make it a focal point. In your living space, you might want to look at antique Georgian fireplaces that can add a vintage vibe to the room. In your kitchen, you should choose appliances in a set colour that stands out. Or, in your bathroom, you could work with a certain type or tile to bring together your desired look. The idea here is to go with one feature, rather than lots of little ones.

Less Is More
When you’re thinking about redoing your decor or adding to it, it’s an idea to have the less is more sort of outlook. Attempting to go over the top with your design can make it look a little clunky. Instead, you’ll want to put your efforts into a few statement character pieces and ensure the rest of your design is much more understated.

Shop Smart
Buying items for your home can often be challenging - especially if the process happens over a long period of time. It’s important to shop smart. Whether you’re looking at buying antiques to add some character to the home, or picking up a few cheaper pieces to dot around the home, you should be smart with your purchases. Think about what each item adds to the decor and make every purchase count.

Mix And Match
If you’ve got lots of items that fit within your theme in one room, and other rooms are left quite bare, you might want to think about mixing things up a little. One of the best ways to ensure you build character consistently is to find a good balance. When you have antiques that add character, support them with lighter, inexpensive items to ensure they stand out. Likewise, when you have a room with a lot of cheaper accessories, adding in a characterful antique could be all it takes to inject life into your design.