Modern Teaching: The Help And The Hindrance

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Teaching in the modern day is a different beast to what it once was. Teachers no longer have to rely on paper copies and limited resources. Thanks to technology, they have the world at their fingertips. Surely this is useful for teachers and students alike? Teachers can make their lessons more fun, and kids can reap the benefits. But it’s not all plain sailing in the technology stakes. We’re going to look at the help, and hindrance, technology has had on teaching.


Let’s start with the positives. There are many things worth noting here. For one, technology has made it easier for teachers to expand children’s horizons. They no longer have to rely on worksheets or library books to get their point across. Instead, they can show the little ones anything they desire. Plus, they can encourage the kids to look things up for themselves. Research is often as important as the work, and it’s never been easier. If a teacher ignites a child’s passion for information, they’re more likely to do their own research at home.

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Technology has also made tasks that were a chore that bit easier. Most teachers now use programs like Google Docs for score sheets and registers. Most schools have kissed goodbye to the old blue cover registers we used to know so well. And, marking is a lot easier than it used to be. Teachers don’t have to carry piles of exercise books everywhere they go anymore. They can ask children to submit work via their computers. This leads to a portable and easy way for teacher and child to communicate. And, it saves on the whole ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse.


Of course, it’s not all good news. Technology also poses risks. For one, it’s all too easy for kids to get distracted. Teachers have to look out for children on their phones, and those who aren’t researching what they should. Distractions have always existed in the classroom, but never to this degree.

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There are also risks when asking children to look for things online. We all know that some unsavoury pages can pop up, no matter what we’re searching. And, if a child sees something they shouldn’t, the blame will fast fall on the school. Many are getting around the problem by looking into online safety training for schools, and ensuring that they do everything possible to avoid this. Though the problem is an ongoing one, steps are being taken at every turn to ensure children are safe online. The chances of kids stumbling across the wrong things are minimal.

There’s also the risk of losing everything. When you rely on technology, a crashed computer can cause major disruptions. The use of Google Docs can help, as it means teachers can access files from any computer. But, a power shortage or crash of some kind can still mean lessons are off for the day. And, they never had to worry about that when using paper and pen!