The 5 Coolest Cafes in the UK

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Fancy a brew? Next time you’re looking for a café to grab some coffee and a cake, why not try one of these quirkier places? A trip to a café needn’t be casual, as these weird and wonderful venues from across the country prove.

Cereal Killer Café

You might never have dreamt going out to eat cereal, and yet that’s exactly what these two Belfast-born twins Gary and Alan Keery offer in their cereal-based establishment. There’s over 120 types of cereal on offer at this café and all manner of toppings, giving you a little more choice than your average supermarket aisle. The Brick Lane outlet serves breakfast all day so don’t feel like you have to get up early to grab a bowl.

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Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

If you’re a feline fan, this cat café is certain to tickle your whiskers. The eatery contains multiple cats that roam around the venue at their own leisure. You can eat lunch or simply grab a coffee, but make sure to book ahead – there are only a limited amount of diners available per day and tables book up early.   

Edison’s Coffee

For those that love steampunk and coffee, this steam punk themed coffee shop in Sheffield is a must. It’s serves up a number of unique blends in a quirky setting sporting clocks and bare lightbulbs. The venue has Australian heritage and supports a number of charitable causes. There are also future plans to branch out, so keep your eyes peeled - there may be another one popping up in your area.

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The Attendant

This Shoreditch café has an unusual history – it used to be a Victorian public loo. It’s since been converted into a chic coffee bar that also serves food, whilst keeping a Victorian theme with the décor. The tiles and urinals still remain, making it an unsettling environment to get a snack, but once you’ve tried the food and drink on offer it may not matter so much. The café is dedicated to using organic ingredients and uses some of the highest quality beans. It can get pretty busy – sadly, you can’t book a reservation, so just be careful when you time your visit.

Catwalk café

Birmingham’s Catwalk Café is one of the more elegant teashops you’re likely to come across. It has a Parisienne style interior with a chequered floor and a red carpet straight off the catwalk. The interior meanwhile boasts Victorian-style shop windows along its walls with sophisticated dresses from yesteryear on display. All the staff are in on the theme, dressing up in formal black and white. It’s a great place to pop in and feel classy (they sell champagne!).