Bye Bye Boring: Hacks For A Charmingly Rustic Home

There’s nothing worse than having a home that you’re not in love with. Your home should be the place that you love the most in the world because it’s yours’ and your family’s personal space, that should showcase your personality and sense of style. Of course, if your home has become a little boring, then it’s only natural that you won’t love the space as much as you used to.

The question is, what should you do to brighten up the space and add style? How about creating a rustic-style home? These look wonderfully smart and stylish, they have a relaxed air to them, and are easy to update and change as trends come and go, what could be better? Like the idea of a rustic home? If the answer is yes, read on for everything that you need to know to give your home a rustic air and add a little charm to the space.

Photo from Pexels
Accent the place up

To add more style and colour to your home, adding accents is a great idea. These can be accent walls - aka a wall that’s differently decorated to the other walls in the room, or they can be accent features like a unique table or a light fixture that stands out. For a rustic-style home, you want to ensure that you are incorporating decor and furniture that link to nature in some way, such as having an accent wall made out of wood, for instance. Or, using a lampshade made from driftwood pieces. Get creative, and you can incorporate some incredible accent pieces.

Upgrade the main features

The main features of your home are things like the windows, flooring, and walls. These things might not seem as important as the furniture, but they actually have an even bigger impact on the look and feel of the space. So say, for instance, your home’s window frames are old and worn, perhaps it could be time to replace them with a new, more rustic-looking alternative, like Irish oak windows, for instance. Or, say your floors are a little worse for wear, perhaps it could be time to replace them with a wooden alternative. For a rustic home, wooden floors are the best option, as they fit the theme perfectly.

Revamp or replace old furniture

Old furniture that’s damaged or worn can impact the look and feel of the space. So it’s a good idea to consider replacing it or revamping it. The great thing about rustic-style homes is that old, revamped furniture fits in perfectly. Whether that’s old wooden furniture or metal furniture, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s well decorated, that is. If you’re going to buy new pieces, just make sure to opt for vintage-style designs, as modern furniture won’t fit properly with the theme of the space and will probably look out of place. To get inspired, spend some time having a browse online.

There you have it, all the best hacks for creating a more charming, rustic home that you can be proud of and love spending time in.