Rustic Charm: How To Get Rural Charm Into Your City Home

If your heart belongs with the rural charms of the countryside, it can be hard to know how to decorate your city home. A lot of us have to live in more populated areas thanks to our jobs - but that doesn’t mean that we have to lose the rustic joys of living out in greener space entirely. Here are a few tips on how to give your city home some country charm…

Go For Wood
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First and foremost, it’s important to choose more natural materials that can be found in nature - which often means wood furniture. This can be expensive but antique wood pieces are easy to get hold of and they’ll also add some gorgeous old fashioned charm to your home. You could paint them white and pale blue, or strip off the varnish to reveal the more natural wood underneath. No matter what you do, wood is a sturdy material that’s good for the environment because it can be recycled. You could also consider making a feature out of oak beams - this will give your home some real countryside charm, reminiscent of more rural cottages way out of the city.

Comfort Is Key
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Secondly, it’s important to focus on how comfortable your home is. A lot of more modern spaces are full of bright white, sharp right angles and glossy glass, but you don’t have to consider those things - in fact, discard them entirely! Instead, focus on the softness of your couch, how nice it feels to press your bare toes into your bedroom rug, the warmth of the terracotta tiles in your kitchen. Add rugs and cushions to your couch and look for old battered leather armchairs and couches that you can curl up on and enjoy in the summer as well as the winter.

Pick Natural Light
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Going for natural light over artificial light will make your home look bright and airy with a sort of golden charm. Make sure that you keep your curtains open - not only will natural light get in that way but a little warmth from the sun will as well, which means that you’ll be spending less money on your heating bills. Go for light curtains and blinds that will let the light through - although blackout blinds in your bedroom are always a good idea! Remember that natural light will show up any dust that’s flying around, so make sure that you clean regularly so it doesn’t show up.

Ignore Minimalism
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Of course clutter isn’t ever really a particularly good idea. No one wants to be afraid of knocking down huge shelves of ornaments or having to spend hours dusting knickknacks every weekend. But you don’t have to consider a minimalist’s absolute fear of anything remotely decorative. Go for picture frames containing snaps of your nearest and dearest and all your loved ones, for vases of fresh flowers, for tubs containing green succulents, and for ornaments that mean something to you - or even ornaments that don’t mean anything except for making your home that little bit more beautiful.