Use Your Arts & Crafts Skills To Setup A Creative Little Shop - And Cheaply

There’s nothing quite like applying a skill for the purposes of being self-employed and becoming financially independent. Maybe a full time job doesn’t suit you anymore after you’ve been solely a fantastic mother for the last 20 years. Maybe you want something different, and feel like starting a project to fill your days.
If you have the urge to open your own little curiosity shop, the time has never been better. There are many ways you can open a store for free, and operate your own little limited company. Whether you’re into selling arts and crafts, or objects you’ve made, you’d be surprised at how cheaply you can operate as long as you pay wise attention to the fundamentals.
Here are a few tips and opportunities that could allow you to thrive in your chosen selling field.
Rent Cheaply & Renovate
You might think that opening and running a little shop space could be very expensive. It needn’t be. You can save much initial startup cost by renting a space that hasn’t been fully renovated yet, or could use work. Hiring a firm like Analogue Electrics that can effectively sort out the electrics from your own expense could allow you to get even lesser rental reductions in exchange for utilizing the space. The landlord will be very appreciative of you coming in and occupying his otherwise unused space like this.
Promote For Free
The online social networking boom means that you needn’t have to pay for ad space in a newspaper or worry about getting posters made to promote your new shop. It can be as simple as making a social media page for free and asking your friends to share that page around. Make the page look attractive and post informative and interesting submissions about what you do and who you are, and you’re bound to generate some interest.
Home-Made Decoration
Decorating the actual shop needn’t be a difficult and expensive affair. All you’ll need is some shelves to house your products and some good old-fashioned love. If you run a creative shop, like one that sells reupholstered and redecorated furniture, you’re likely in possession of the skillset that can allow you to thrive when it comes to decorating the store cheaply. Use your best judgment.
Take Commissions
As well as selling your standard product range, be sure to take commissions from people if that’s applicable. Most creative crafts stores will do this as a means of generating further income. If someone would like you to repaint their dressing table, then be sure to do it. These contracts can help you out of a lull in sales if there is one. Be sure to run promotions to try and generate interest in your store continually.
Have An Online Component
Online web hosting is important. Sites like Squarespace can help you set up a cheap, attractive website for free without draining your wallet. It’s important to have your product line available online, so it’s viewable for many different people.
With these steps in mind, your creative business is sure to blossom.