Hackpacking: How To Make Your Travel Work For You

When you’re thinking of planning a trip abroad, or even a staycation at home, it is a fun and exciting process. Then you hit add to cart or find out how much things are going to cost, and the fun can be deflated a little bit. But if you’ve caught the wanderlust bug, then you won’t let the cost put you off. But rather, you’ll look for ways to make the travel work for you. Of course, it isn’t like you can get a job or earn money when you’re in those countries (unless you’re a freelancer). But there are many ways to make your money go further. So here are a few ideas to get yourself travelling and make your money go further.

Barter For Deals or Discounts

If you’re going to places where bartering is commonplace (check beforehand)! Then using bartering is a great way to get some discounts or money off. It might simply be bartering at a food market to get a cheaper price. But you could also offer something to the person in exchange. If you’re quite handy with mechanics, and you notice they’ve got a broken down car at the front of their store, offer to fix it for them in exchange, as an example. You never know unless you try!

Approach Brands

If you have a blog or social media platforms with a pretty good following, then it can be totally worth approaching brands before you travel. Some airlines like British Airways offer discounts for influencers, dependant on the following, of course. You could look at outdoor clothing brands like Sherpa and look up how to become a Sherpa Brand Ambassador, for instance. If they are able to offer you clothing to fit you out in for your travels, then you’ve saved quite a chunk of money. You could check hotel brands or restaurants; there are many options that could work.

Rent Out Your Home When You’re Away

It can be hard to think that your home when you’re away will be sat empty. And if you’re gone for two weeks, that's two weeks worth of hotels to pay for, as well as two weeks worth of mortgage or rent and you’re not even there using it. But with a site like Airbnb, why not list your home for the dates that you’re away? It means you won’t lose any money, and you could even charge more than your weekly rate or rent to cover costs.

House Sit For Free

If you can get discounted accommodation for your travels, then you’re pretty much winning at life. Even better if you can get it for free. Take a site like Mind My House, for instance. Someone list the details of their home and the jobs that will need to be done there. You can get to stay there for a cheap or even free rate, and just have to do a few things in exchange, like water their plants or feed their cat. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Have you got anything else that you would add to the list?