Island Hopping In Greece: How To Do It Right!

The islands of Greece have something magical about them; perhaps it’s the myths and legends behind them, or maybe it’s simply their sheer beauty. Whatever it is that makes the islands of Greece so magical; it’s working as these islands are irresistible to travelers.

Think sun-soaked, white sand beaches, warm seas, whitewashed cubic houses with blue roofs, a culture that is like no other, and a food scene that is out of this world, and that’s just part of what the Greek islands have to offer their visitors.

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Home to roughly 3000 islands, Greece isn’t a small country. However, when it comes to island hopping, only 227 of these islands are inhabited, which narrows down your choices a bit. That being said, there are still over 200 places to choose from, which can make trip planning a little tricky. There are seven islands ground in Greece; these are The Ionian Islands, The Saronic Gulf Islands, The Sporades Islands, The Cycladic Islands, The Dodecanese Islands, The North Aegean Islands, and Crete, the biggest Greek island and practically a country of its own.

There are plenty of options when it comes to planning an island hopping trip to Greece, but how can you determine what the best options are for you? To make the process of planning an island hopping trip around Greece easier, below are some tips and pieces of advice to take note of.

Which islands are best to explore?

This depends on the type of trip that you hope to have. For a trip that’s steeped in culture, heritage, and beautiful beaches, starting on Hendra and then hopping to Athens and Peloponnese could be ideal. Or, for a break that includes plenty of fine dining, luxurious bars, and watersports activities, then starting in Kos and going to Patmos, Lipsi, Leros and then back to Kos again could work well. If you are starting from Athens, both Santorini and Mykonos are close enough by to travel to; these are two of the most popular Greek islands. Mykonos has both a tranquil side and a party side, which is what makes it so popular. Santorini, on the other hand, is famous for its picturesque landscapes, including a volcano. Wherever you pick to island hop to in Greece, you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure. The islands with the largest cities include Corfu, Crete, and Rhodes, all the other islands have at least one main town or city, but they may not be as big as the ones on these islands.


How should you get around?

Most travelers choose to fly to their initial island, such as Kos, Crete, Rhodes, or Corfu and then get around by passenger ferry from there. If you plan on traveling via ferry, you will need to look up schedules beforehand and map out your trip, as some ferries run as little as once a week, so you don’t want to miss your connection. Another option could be to look at chartering a yacht and sailing from island to island under your own steam, companies like The Big Sail yacht holidays offer these kinds of trips. By opting to sail on a private yacht, you can see the islands at your own pace, and don’t have to rush around from place to place.

What is unmissable?

Each Greek island has its own unmissable sights and attractions. However, most Greek islands will boast beautiful beaches and warm seas, seaside towns, delicious seafood dishes, as well as an array of unique Greek cuisine. When you are exploring each Greek island, take the time to read up about its history and heritage, to see what makes it unique.

There you have it, your guide to island hopping in Greece done right.