From Coast to Coast

Since passing my driving test back in August, I have been very boring and only really drove to and from my work place and the odd trip to the shops when needed. I have never really just drove... and lately I have been feeling very lost with life. Wondering whether I have made the right choices and questioning what to do next, and what is really going to make me happy again. A feeling that seems lost on me now a days.

I decided that as the weekend weather was nice I was just going to grab my bag, chuck my camera in it and go. Originally I made the plan to head to Canterbury as there was a few shops I wish to visit, and then as I sat in the car park I decided I wanted to see the sea. It's been a while since I've truly been to the coast, it was so quiet and empty. It's like I had the place to myself, I can't say I was cold. I had my coat on but actually was getting quite hot with it on.

I sat and watched the tide come in, I sat and thought about everything going on, I sat and snapped away on my camera. Falling back in love with my camera, testing out the different settings and swapping lenses. A moment of peace, and when I finally headed back to my car - I drove, and I continued to drive picking the route as I went, all the back roads and unknown roads and just kept going exploring, singing along to the CD.

Just for a little while I felt human again.