5 Top Tips for Child's First Smartphone

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash
It is safe to say in this day and age children across the country are increasingly tech-savvy. It seems the age in which children are wanting and receiving their first phones is getting younger and younger. When this happens though is down to your personal preference, however when the time comes deciding on the right one, and knowing the facts can be helpful.

1. When is Right to Buy 

Children may want a smartphone to fit in, or to be like the big vlogging stars or like many it may be for safety reasons and to keep in touch with parents. Especially in that leap to Secondary school when independence is needed more. Be sure to look into best deals and what the child really needs it to do. Consider whether they would be better on pay as you go or contract. 

2. Choosing a Operating System

While we may have our own preferences when it comes to iOS or Android operating systems, there is a big difference between the two when it comes to parental controls and monitoring. It can also be handy to stay with the platform the rest of the family uses, for compatibility-sake. Sharing music, and apps, pictures. Plus messaging each other can be easier such as imessages between iOS devices.

3. Look into Parental Controls

Most phones have at least some built-in features to help you take control - whether that to be manage access to the Internet, limit phone numbers, prevent or limit app downloads. Tiger Mobiles provides an in depth smartphone guide on how to protect your child. There is also many apps that can be downloaded to give extra security if need be.

4. Provide Insurance

If you choose a device that comes with a contract, consider including the insurance plan or some decide to include it on home insurances depending on your cover. This will ensure that there is coverage in the event that the phone is lost, damaged, defective, or stolen. Which as much as we hope they would be careful you never know. 

5. Consider Accessories 

While searching for the ideal smartphone, make sure to look into the protective cases that are available for the model you are considering. The case does not have to be a costly one to be effective, but it should offer both screen and body protection. Children also have a habit of being on their phones quite a bit so maybe consider buying a battery pack to ensure they don't run out of power on the go.