How To Create A Spa In Your Bathroom!

Everyone loves a spa day, especially the lovely relaxed feeling you get as all your stresses drift away. Unfortunately it would be financially impossible to visit a spa every week (unless you are a celebrity or billionaire!). It would therefore be fantastic if you could recreate the spa experience within your own home. You wouldn’t have the benefit of the specially trained therapists, but it is possible to create a “spa-like” environment in your bathroom.

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The following tips will help you achieve the “I’ve just returned from the spa” glow!

Underfloor heating
Have you noticed how the floor is never chilly when you’re at a spa? This is because of the under floor heating. It means walking around in bare feet is wonderfully comforting. You can achieve this effect at home in your bathroom by installing electric underfloor heating. The warmth heats your room by gently rising from the floor. It is also a cost effective form of heating.

Whirlpool bath
The gentle massage from the jets of water in a whirlpool bath are a lovely way of leaving the stresses of the day behind you. You can adjust the strength of the jets so that as well as relaxing, it can be beneficial to tired aching muscles by the massage action. A few scented candles around the bath will help to really achieve the spa effect.

If installing a new whirlpool bath is a little out of your budget at present, you could consider purchasing a whirlpool bath mat that creates a similar effect. They are readily available from outlets such as amazon.

Luxurious towels
There is nothing as comforting as wrapping yourself in a warm, thick, luxurious towel after relaxing in the bath. A mismatched, faded towel doesn’t have the same effect. Purchase some towels that are just for when you’re creating a home spa experience, they will certainly add to the effect. Don’t forget the bath robe and slippers!

Invest in a safe way of playing relaxing music in your bathroom ie not plugged into an electric socket! Choose music that is designed to relax and rejuvenate. Save your more upbeat dance tunes for a Friday night, when you are getting ready to party!   

When you go to a spa there is the opportunity to have different treatments in order to evoke different effects on your body. A lot of these treatments use aromatherapy from essential oils. Each essential oil has a powerful effect on the body and has different properties. For example lavender is perfect for relaxing and inducing sleep whereas lemon is energising. Incorporate essential oils into your spa experience via bath preparations, candles and massage oils. Remember that essential oils are powerful, so take advice on how to dilute or buy ready diluted products.

There are many other ways of turning your bathroom into a spa. If you are undertaking a complete bathroom renovation you could choose tiles that recreate the experience even more authentically. A heated towel rail would also be a nice addition.