Tips for buying a second hand car

When looking to buy a second hand car it is important not to jump the gun and do a little bit of research first, it'll help in the long run I promise! Rather than going to some guy you have found online, it might be worth looking into a main dealer or garage as they are likely to have put a used car through a rigorous inspection and offer a good warranty (usually six or 12 months).

While this may come at a price - increasing the outright cost of buying the car - it can offer you priceless peace of mind in knowing the car has been thoroughly checked out and is covered by a warranty. Why not take a look at Brighton’s most credible car dealer; KAP Motors.

Other things that are worth a check whether buying for a dealer or independent are;

How much tread have they got? They need 1.6mm as a legal minimum, so if they’re below 3mm you’ll have to factor in the cost of changing them soon.

Dents & Scratches
How’s the bodywork? It’s important to inspect a car in clear daylight… rain or darkness can hide a lot. Don’t be too put off by small dents or scratches, these can be fixed fairly cheap, but do use them to negotiate.

Try everything. Wind the windows up and down, turn the radio off, test the air conditioning. Faults could be a simple repair, but at the very least it’s a negotiating point if something doesn’t work as it should.

Document Check
The most important document you need to check when buying a second-hand car is the V5C, also known as the log book. Make sure the make and model of the car you’re buying matches that on the V5, as well as the number plate. The V5 will also tell you how long the seller has owned the car, and how many previous owners it’s had.