Top Tips to Sleep Better

I have definitely got a love hate relationship with bedtime, and with sleep in general. 
I am always tired, but very much struggle to go to sleep and stay asleep! So much so that to get through the day sometimes I simply have to have an afternoon nap. I don't know the real reason I struggle so much at night, I guess for the most part anxiety plays a huge role - 4 months on medication, and i suppose I wished it would have improved things but although it's helped other factors, sleep not so much!

It's safe to say I've done my research and tried a lot of things over the time; so I have collated a list of my top tips that I've heard - they may not all work for me but they might work for someone else, and anything is worth a shot in desperate times!

Create Routine

This is a pretty obvious tip, and probably the one everyone comes across when starting a bit of sleep research... Try and stick to going to bed and getting up at the same time, also wind down just before bed too. Try switching off the devices & lights, and cutting out the caffeine.

Write down your worries

If like me your mind goes into overdrive, keep a notepad and pen by the bed - often we end up thinking about stuff that we can't actually do anything about there and then but then we worry that we will forget if we go to sleep. So make a quick note of it for the morning.

Food for thought 

Eating healthily improves sleep generally, but some foods are particularly beneficial, such as milk, chicken, turkey and pumpkin seeds. They contain the chemicals tryptophan and serotonin, which are vital for the production of melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep. 
Spicy food, alcohol and large meals shouldn’t be consumed in the hours before bedtime. For many, drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks in the afternoon can affect sleep.

Happy Smells

So I am always intrigued when a product becomes a hot topic of discussion on social media, and if they don't break the bank then I often give them a try - some to name a few are Lush's Sleepy cream and Scentsy Jammy Time scent. Both amazing products in themselves but unfortunately not a winner for me.