Take me to the Westend

There is no denying if you know me in person, or know me on twitter - I love me a musical. (either in film or on stage) Sadly going to see actual shows has been very lacking in recent years, I am determinded to try and see at least one show this year - seems doable right?! So what would be on my watch list;

Firstly and probably most importantly Mary Poppins having gone and seen the latest movie twice on the big screen, it was enjoyable but lacked the somewhat classic magic from the original film... but what I did notice each time was in the trailers the OG Mary Poppins was coming to the stage, which of course I was like 'I NEED TO SEE THIS' ... taking over from Aladdin at the Prince Edwards Theatre Autumn 2019 - and starring West End favourites Zizi Strallen and Charlie Stemp. It looks to be a big hit!

So another one on the list and I am surprised in some sense I have yet to go see it in person, as I have watched it many a times on youtube and have the soundtrack saved to my phone - is the one and only Wicked! The story of how the Wicked Witch of the West comes to fulfil her destiny after an unlikely friendship with Glinda the Good Witch currently at Apollo Victoria Theatre going into its 13th Year running. 

Last but not least is another classic long running show, The Lion King at Lyceum Theatre - apparently the performance is amazing and to be honest I wouldn't doubt it. With all the classic music tracks plus more, and stunning costumes, it would be brilliant to see this in person.

So those are my top picks for 2019, if you wanted to see a show what would you pick?