Living In A Luxury Home Without Spending A Fortune

The luxury look is a good fit for any home. Would you rather your place looked like any other pad or had the hints of a truly lavish hotel in it? Well, to get that effect, you don’t necessarily need to go spending a fortune. Here, we’re going to look at some of the trends in the most opulent spaces and how you could emulate them without having to spend a fortune.

Make a bold statement
Playing it safe is not something you will see many luxury and boutique hotels do, so you shouldn’t do it in your home, either. You don’t have to go crazy with the creativity. Keep it understated by using a piece of colourful, bold wall art to add some atmosphere to the room. It can mix well with a more understated style throughout. It’s easy to find relatively inexpensive wall art online or at your local thrift store, as well. Wall art is the easiest, lowest hassle way to make a visual impact in your room.

Don’t show that screen
As much as we may all love them, screens create a contemporary, convenient impression, which is at odds with the luxury look that you may be trying to create. There are a range of ways to hide your TV without having to do away with it entirely. If your TV is in a concave space, simply installing some doors over it can keep it out of eyesight. You can also incorporate your TV into a shelving space, surrounding it with picture frames and other d├ęcor pieces so that it’s less of a focal point and blends more naturally into its environment.

Get indulgent with textiles
Truly opulent rooms don’t just look luxe, they feel luxe, as well. As such, adding a distinct or custom look with the right textiles can create something visually intriguing as well as invigorating in a tactile sense. Adding purple rugs could be an excellent choice, helping to tie the space together while using a colour that has always been characterized as rich as exclusive, due to how hard it used to be to incorporate it. Mixed textures, such as mixing textiles against wood, or leather against metals, can also create a sense of dynamism that looks luxurious.

Incorporate the cathedral effect
The cathedral effect is the feeling that a high ceiling can elicit, without actually having to raise your ceiling somehow. It gives a feeling of space and prestige, but it’s an illusion that can be crafted rather easily. Hanging full length curtains from the highest point of the wall, using contrast in your walls (such as half painted design or mid-wall borders), and using low furniture all give the impression of a much taller ceiling. It also creates the look of a bigger room.

The trick to looking chic on a budget is to recognise what elements create the luxury look and know how to elicit the same emotions without having to buy a bunch of expensive additions. Once you do that, your home will look like you’ve spent a fortune on it.