A long awaited visit to Longleat

So Longleat has always been a thing of dreams, I thought it'll be one of those places I think about going and never did. Having two beautiful sites on our doorstep (especially Port Lympne) the safari experience is just so enticing, I always wish that Port Lympne would allow you to drive yourself, because then you could take it at your own speed. So one of the main aims for our Somerset retreat was to check out Longleat once and for all, and I can honestly say I was not disappointed.

We decided to go for the drive through part first, stopping off at the African Village to see one of my favourite animals the giraffes and you can even feed them (at a tiny cost) 100% worth it, it was amazing. After a little wander round it was back into the car to start the adventure, now I was worried that my car would end up destroyed after hearing many horror stories but still went for it. Now everything went perfectly... until... I'm trying to get round the monkey part and everyone had stopped in front of us blocking the complete road, meaning my poor car became a victim. I was SO mad, because if we had been able to keep going it would have been fine.

Eventually I settled my annoyed-ness and enjoyed feeding the deers too from the car, do you know how awkward it is when a deer and stag is sticking it head right into the car. We went on to finding the wild cats, and it was amazing. 

Back into the safety of the car park, we went off on foot to see what else we could find, exploring the ground... taking a ride on the cruise (and feeding the sea lions) and the little train around the grounds. I am amazed at how many brilliant feeding opportunities there are for very good prices, I know they are mostly first come first served but we managed to do all of them with very little issue. Just need to make sure you have change with you to do it.

We didn't go into the house and gardens due to time getting on, but it looked stunning from the outside. All together it would definitely be somewhere I would go back to visit.