Dusk Safari at Port Lympne

"Guests will journey to our authentic savannahs - alive with South American, Asian and African animals, whilst taking in the stunning views, before enjoying a three course meal at the Port Lympne Hotel."

Everyone knows that Port Lympne has featured quite a lot on this blog, it is one of our favourite local places to visit. It's a stunning location in all weathers and the ethics in looking after these animals can not be faulted. 

We have tried many stays and experiences at Port Lympne but for my birthday we decided to try the Dusk Safari, we arrived shortly before 5.30 and checked in at the mansion - you can grab a drink of bubbles while you wait for the other guests, admiring the beautiful works around the room.

Then we were off, everyone clambled onto the safari truck, unfortunately due to amount of people it was the standard daytime safari trucks - where as in the past when we have paid for experiences it has been the little trucks (but it doesn't really matter) - we went round listen to the animals and the talk about what was going on in the park over the coming months. It's always wonderful to hear someone with great passion and love of their job rather than it simply being 'a job'.

When we got back we headed indoors to the bar and grabbed a drink, as the weather was lovely we popped outside and chilled before being called in for dinner. The tables beautifully laid out and we had such interesting characters with us it was great hearing their little stories about how far they had come to do this, and there is us who only live 15 minutes down the road! HA!

The food was lovely, not things I would usually choose to eat but all in all everything was cooked well, and had lots of flavor. When everything had finished you were free to go as and when you pleased. It's certainly something I would recommend trying especially for a special day.

Dusk Safaris run at particular times in the year, check the website for details
Safaris start at 5.45pm and are priced at £49.50 per person.  
Please call 01303 234111 to book.