Easy, and Fun Phonemic Awareness Activities

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Where Are You?

How to play: All the children sit in a circle. One child lies down in the middle of the circle and covers his or her eyes. The teacher chooses another child to go somewhere in the room and pretends to be an animal. The child in the middle of the circle – with eyes still covered – points in the direction of the animal sound. 

The Listening Game.

One of the most basic phonemic-awareness activities to do is to bring their attention to noises. Get all the children to lie quietly on the floor for five to ten minutes - listen for sounds. Become “sound spotters.” We don’t use our eyes – we use our ears. Your part is to talk about the sounds you and the children hear. 

What's in the box.

How to play: Get a small box and place some pictures in it with pairs of familiar words that rhyme (like box/socks, cat/hat, or chair/bear). Sit in a circle with the children, and one by one allow them to pick a card, see if they can think of a word that rhymes with their picture.

Clap your name.

This is such a fun game. You get the kids clapping out names, and can extend to other words on as their ability grows.
How to play: Sit in a circle with the children. Pick a child to start with, clap out their name together as a group and then ask them to pick a friend to move on to next. You could even do this with musical instruments if you are feeling brave.