2020 Hindsight: It's Time for a Change

It’s 2020. Well, it’s three months into 2020. All those resolutions you had at the beginning of the year have probably slowly started to fade. Spring is right around the corner though, and it’s time to make the most of your year. What are some ways you can jumpstart your resolutions again? Consider this: what made you stop in the first place? 

Time to Get Fit

Was getting to the gym every day at 5:30 too hard? Or was it just that you wanted to snuggle in bed an extra hour? That marathon is not going to run itself, and you’ve got plenty of time before December 31st rolls around to meet those fitness goals still! 

With the weather starting to warm up, make a splurge on a new set of trainers or a cute pair of shorts to get your booty to the gym. Now, set that cute gym outfit out the night before so you don’t have any excuses when your alarm goes off tomorrow. If you need even more incentive, sign yourself up for a local 5k race!  However, if you’re dreading that gym space, check out our blog on how to make exercise fun.

Get your Career on the Right Path

When you woke up on January 1st, you may have had ideas to transform your boring job into an exciting career that you looked forward to going to each day, filled with interesting problems and solutions, not boring 9-to-5 emails. Stop blocking your own path. If you’re looking to improve your career, don’t just talk about it; do it! First things first: educate yourself on what tools and resources could help improve your current job.  

Take a look around you. Who do you admire at your current job? Why do you admire them? If it’s because they have healthy work relationships, or employ tactics to be more efficient, ask yourself if you can do the same. 

Travel more

If you realized that a holiday vacation is not going to be possible this year, what about mini-weekend getaways? 

Stop putting it off. Book that vacation house rental you’ve been eyeing for a while, but been making excuses as to why you haven’t gone. While you’re at it, look at some healthy restaurants in the area so that you can kill two birds with one stone: keeping fit and traveling! Just because you may only drive an hour or two from your home does not mean you can’t count it as traveling. A fun two-day trip doesn’t have to be monumental to still be wonderful. Call some of your girlfriends, pack a couple of bottles of wine, and drive out to the countryside to relax. It’s amazing what a short getaway can do for the soul. 

If you’re feeling down that you haven’t kept any of your resolutions, it doesn’t mean you can’t start them back up. Stop apologizing and making excuses, and start recognizing that you need to value your time and your goals. It might not be January first, but it’s still 2020. And you’ve got plenty of time to reach those goals. So what are you waiting for?