5 Reasons Not To Head Back To The Office

It’s time to head back to the office. Most businesses have benefitted from remote working solutions during the pandemic crisis. However, as the British government is officially planning to end lockdown and most restrictions next week, more and more offices are gearing up to bring their staff back in. 

And frankly, some of us would much prefer staying at home. You might have come across media articles claiming that people’s mental health has been suffering while working remotely or that productivity would be higher in the office. In reality, remote workers’ productivity has been not only a match for office productivity but it’s even exceeded it. 

As for mental health, everyone is different. If you feel that working remotely has improved your mental health, it’s a good reason to carry on. But here are 5 other reasons not to head back to the office. 

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#1. You can work remotely

If working from anywhere is a dream, remote work life makes it come true. Whether you apply for online teaching jobs while travelling the world or become a digital freelancer, working remotely offers a new sense of freedom that lets you combine travel and work. 

#2. You can make the most of your interior

If you’ve decided to work remotely to spend more time at home, it’s the perfect occasion to transform your interior. Indeed, decor improvements often go unnoticed when you spend most of your day at the office. On the other hand, you get to enjoy your sophisticated design day after day and understand the advantage of every decor decision with a home office. You can finally make the most of your garden area by bringing the laptop outside on a sunny day or add luxurious plants and flowers into your home office. After all, what’s the point of having a beautiful home if you’re never there to see it? 

#3. You can manage your time

Coming back to the mental health aspect, it turns out that flexible working time can help support mental health. Individuals who can manage their time as they see fit experience less stress on a day-to-day basis. Indeed you don’t need to rush to meet external appointments at the doctor’s or catch up with friends. Additionally, you can schedule your day to integrate self-care routines into your agenda. Too many workers are stuck for me-time and self-care options. They feel guilty about conflicting schedules. 

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#4. You can find your dream job

Working remotely means you have to option to seek new employment at another company away from the office spy. Indeed, anyone who’s tried to organise work interviews knows how suspicious co-workers and managers can be of a single day off. But working remotely means the interview process becomes a Zoom meeting. 

#5. You can spend time with your loved ones

Couples who work remotely have found a new routine during the pandemic. Sharing lunch with your partners rather than speed-eating a sandwich at your desk is a new and pleasant experience. Parents can also make more time for children, whether they plan school runs during the day or look after a sick child without losing a workday. 

Are you not ready to go back to the office? You are not on your own. Hundreds of professionals have fallen in love with the freedom of remote working. Finger crossed, businesses will be willing to listen to the voice of their teams.