Storage Upgrades For Your Home


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If you are finding yourself frustrated with the lack of space you have in your home or a large amount of clutter that you have accumulated, it doesn’t mean you have to move into a bigger home. 

Whether you live in a small house, or you want to organise the space you already have, there are many ways you can increase the storage space and declutter your things. 

Here are 4 ideas to spark some inspiration and get you started with creating your own upgrades to increase storage space in your home. 

#1 Mudroom bench

Mudroom benches are beautifully designed to sit by your front door, to help protect your home from muddy shoes and rain-soaked coats and umbrellas. It provides a stopping area with built-in shelves, coat hooks and a storage chest, which also doubles as a seating area. These are perfect for making your home welcoming, whilst also serving a practicable purpose and stopping the mud and water from being trodden all around the house. The best part is, it neatly stores the families shoes, coats and umbrellas.

#2 Storage Ottoman 

The ottoman has become increasingly popular in living rooms, to create an extra seat for guests or a foot rest for when you want to kick back and enjoy a book. What’s better than an ottoman, is a storage ottoman. Not only does it serve as an elegant addition to your living space, but is also the perfect place to store items such as books, magazines, DVDs and blankets. They can also be a great tool to hide any clutter you want to keep, but don’t want on display around the house. 

#3 Bed storage 

Bedrooms often hold the most clutter, but with limited space, they can be difficult to store. One of the simplest upgrades you can make in your home is with bed storage. By changing your bed, you are not using up any more space, but you are able to create more storage space. There are many options to choose from, including turning your headboard into a small cupboard, building your wardrobe behind your headboard on the wall, or add some under bed storage drawers. A simple search for Divan Beds UK will help you find the perfect bed to store all your items. 

#4 Floating shelves 

Floating shelves are a popular option in modern homes. They provide a simple and sleek way to add more storage space to your home while working well with any style of decor. They are quick and easy to add to any room and can be stacked up and across any wall for more or less storage space. They are great above desks to store files and stationery, in living rooms for plants, ornaments and books and in bathrooms for toothbrushes and other amenities. 

If you are willing to spend the time to find ideas and make them work for your home, there are plenty of ways you can increase the storage space in your home and reduce clutter, without throwing anything away or moving out.