How To Get The Job of Your Dreams

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Finding the perfect job is not always an easy feat, but when it does happen you wonder whether you have finally made it, and are finally doing a job which you are excellent at, and most importantly enjoy too. What more could you want then to be paid for a job that you thoroughly enjoy and look forward to attending each day. So it is possible to achieve this if you are not willing to give up easily and pursue your dreams. 

Gain More Experience

Essentially the more experience you gain over the years the more you can expand your skill sets. This can certainly be useful when you are not too sure which avenue you want to pursue either. It enables you to try out different jobs and see what you prefer, what you are good at and most importantly adding more useful skills to your name. 

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Identify Your Likes and Dislikes

It might be useful to get a diary and write down a list of the ideal jobs that you would like to do and consider what skills you can expand on. This will help to give you a rough idea of what careers to pursue. But it is always worth attempting something new and different as well. 

Regularly Update Your CV

To save yourself the time of editing your CV a lot, it is a good idea to keep it regularly updated. This allows you to freshen up the look and feel of your CV so that whenever you need to send one off for a job application it will be all ready to go and you will only need to tweak one or two aspects so that you provide an appropriate cover letter for the specific job and send your CV in. 

Don’t Give Up 

It is quite easy to want to give up a job you pursued but did not quite go to plan. But the most important thing is not to give up. Just because you were not successful at that particular time does not mean you are bad at your job, you might not be suitable for that particular company or the timing was not right. It is all too easy to give up after an unsuccessful interview but if you do, you are denying yourself the opportunity to grow and develop your skills. So an important lesson is to not give up,even if you feel like it. 

Use Your Skills For Your New Job

Whether your skill is being great with numbers, providing a customer based experience, designing something new or being creative, it does not matter. You can always apply your current skills to any of the new roles you apply for. Learning to adapt to a new role is an important aspect and enables you to grow as an employee. 

Rejection Makes You More Resilient 

If everything in your life just slotted into place easily, where would be the fun in that? Life should be an adventure with some challenges along the way. This can also be applied to your career choices. It will actually be better for your self confidence if you face rejection over the years as it will enable you to really fire up your inner passion and pursue your interests. This is not necessarily something that you feel when things just happen easily for you. You need that inner passion and hunger to spark your creativity and drive. So instead of feeling defeated about not being successful in your previous interview, look at it in a more positive light and think about what you have learnt along the way and how you can utilise this to your advantage in your next job interview or new role. 

Brush Up On Your Language Skills

Employers like to know that you can speak more than one language, as it can certainly come in handy when they have business contacts from another country and need help translating a written text or when they are conversing in a meeting.

 Before you head off on your next travel adventures, you could always attempt Spanish lessons to encourage your language skills to grow. It is good to be able to practice with native speaking people so that you can feel more confident with your speaking ability. 

Though it may seem daunting to speak to a complete stranger in a language you are not fully fluent in, you will feel better for attempting it at least and the native speakers in that country will appreciate your attempt instead of expecting them to speak in English immediately. It might even lead to opportunities to work and live abroad which would be a wonderful experience to have. 

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Do Your Research 

When you are successful in obtaining a job interview, you certainly want to create a good impression. It’s important to do your research beforehand by reading up about the company you are applying for and showing that you do actually understand what the job will entail and how you can bring something unique and important to the role. Spending your time doing a little research can go a long way in your interview and improve your chances.  

Create a Good Impression With Your Interviewer 

When you meet with your interviewer you want to create a positive impression, so you need to analyse the situation accordingly as to how much you should talk about yourself and how much information you think is required for each question. You want to keep the tone nice and professional whilst also remaining calm and knowledgeable. 

Maintain Good Contacts 

Sometimes it is not what you know but who you know that can help you to get you through the first obstacle and into the correct company. You might have established friendships or professional contacts that are then able to suggest a potential opening for a job interview that you perhaps would not have heard about unless you had established this particular connection. 

Overall it can be quite a daunting and stressful process to be able to secure the job of your dreams but with a little persistence and hard work it can certainly be achieved so that eventually you can land the job of your dreams. You deserve it.