Why You Should Encourage Elderly Parents To Be Active!


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There tends to be a cycle that goes on when people reach a certain age. Take your parents, for example. They’re getting old now, and they’re not the spring chickens they used to be! So, they start doing less and less, becoming more and more inactive. As a society, we’ve almost accepted the fact that elderly people should move less because they’re unable to move as much as they used to. 

Okay, this is half true - you’ll never be as mobile as you were when you were young. Still, elderly people can and should be as active as possible. In fact, you should start encouraging your parents to be more active. This doesn’t necessarily mean they join a gym - it could simply mean they go for regular walks or take up swimming. As long as they are approved by their doctor to exercise, they should do it. 

Why? Well, here are some big reasons you should encourage your elderly parents to be more active than they currently are:

Improves their independence

Exercise will improve an elderly person’s strength. In turn, this makes them capable of doing things on their own. So, they become way more independent than if they sat around doing nothing. Inactivity leads to a lack of dependence, which will only end one way. Eventually, you are unable to keep looking after your parents because they can’t do anything at home by themselves. You’re left with no choice but to put them into a place like The Oast Care Home, where they can get the constant support they need. As a result, all independence leaves them as they constantly rely on others. Tell them to be more active if they want to continue being independent for many years to come!

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Prevents harmful falls

Unfortunately, a lot of elderly people suffer injuries as a result of regular falls. This is because your balance can leave you when you get older. However, regular exercise and physical activity can improve your balance. Therefore, there will be a significantly reduced chance of falls happening. Put simple, being active will help your parents remain in good health and free from fractures or other harmful injuries. 

Can prevent diseases

One of the underlying effects of regular physical activity is that it can prevent various diseases. Your elderly parents will be less likely to suffer from common issues like heart disease or diabetes when they exercise. They are also less likely to suffer from osteoporosis, which is a condition that causes bones to weaken. Many elderly people suffer from this, which is why they break their bones easily. Exercise strengthens the bones, stopping this from happening. There is even some research that suggests regular exercise can delay cognitive decline and prevent many of the symptoms of dementia. 

To summarise, your elderly parents should be encouraged to exercise because it will make them stronger, more independent, less likely to suffer from falls and less likely to develop common diseases. There’s nothing worse than watching your parents waste the last decades of their life as they become less and less active. Talk to them, encourage them to get up and move around - it will be so beneficial!