Secrets To A Great Family Holiday

Making the time to go away together as a family is something that will bring a great many benefits with it. You’ll be able to bond, to find out more about one another, to create some amazing memories, and enjoy yourself away from work – you’ll be less stressed too. 

You’ll be less stressed, that is, as long as you understand the secrets to a great family holiday. Trying to make your trip away into something that it’s not and could never be is only going to make you unhappy and add to your stress. So here are some of the secrets to a great family holiday to give you some time away together to remember for the right reasons. 


Photo by Kampus Production


Something For Everyone 

Although it will be tempting to try to include everyone in everything that is done on your family holiday – that is what the word ‘family’ means to many, after all – it’s important that everyone gets to do something they enjoy. After researching the potential options, make a list of one thing that each individual wants to do when you’re there, and try to include it in your itinerary (assuming it’s practical or possible, of course). Once you’ve found the right place that will cater to everyone, you can book here and start to get ready. 

In this way, even if most of the holiday is centred around one element of the family, at least there will have been something for everyone to enjoy at least once. 

Another important point is to try to have fun even if the activity you are participating in is someone else’s choice. If you are miserable, you’ll only end up bringing everyone’s mood down, and you’ll regret missing out on the chance of having a great time by opening your mind. 


Always Leave A Lot Of Time 

No one enjoys being late or rushed, and nothing is worse on holiday than missing a special event, some transport, a show, or even your plane. This is only going to make you extra stressed, and nothing will be accomplished. 

No matter where you are going or what you are doing, if you have a schedule to keep and you have young children to deal with, always make sure you leave plenty of time. Add an extra 20 minutes at least to the time you think you need to start getting ready to go out. This way, you won’t miss out, and you won’t get upset. If your children take a long time to get ready at home, they’re not going to change on holiday. 


Recognise Limits 

Every child (and many adults) will have their limits when it comes to how much they can do, how well they can behave, how long they can stay away, and so on. Recognize your children’s limits and try to work these into your holiday schedule. Make sure you don’t ask them to exert themselves too much, such as staying up late many nights in a row, having to stay at the table when they’re getting cranky, and walking too far. If you do, they will get frustrated, and so will you. 

Keeping in line with that everyone is able to do makes things much more pleasant with far less chance of any meltdowns happening. 


Document Happy Memories 

One of the best ways to be happy now is to remember happy times from the past. Taking pictures and videos, keeping trip books, and collecting souvenirs will help you be happier later. It might seem like a lot of work to carry around the camera or put together that photo album, but in the end, your efforts will help everyone in your family remember the past more clearly. It's well worth the effort. After all, when you think about the things you own, aren't your photos and other keepsakes among the most valuable?


Overpack If Possible 

Some people might not agree that overpacking makes you happier, and this tactic will not really work if you're going hiking or doing a lot of moving around. It's a luxury to be able to just throw a bunch of things in the suitcase, but you should do it when you can. It's well worth it when you need something that you might usually have left behind, but that makes a massive positive difference in your holiday. 


Make Sure You Relax

The most important thing to remember on a family holiday is to take a holiday. Even with all the technology we have now, it can be tempting to just change your surroundings and call it a holiday. But a real holiday is a break from work and normal life. Have fun, take it easy, and enjoy the moment.